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Saturday, July 3, 2010

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Welcome Back! - Beats?

Yo Yo Yo!

Bus back on the scene in the place to be!

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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Just Thinking...

I think all the people yapping and complaining about how they cant find someone good are just as bad as the bad people they date and complain about. Why dont yall just date each other? I mean if yall so great,there's another dude or chick complaining about the same things you are,holla at them and shut up! Duhhhhh! Or are you afraid that person might see how fucked up you are,and prove you to be a liar and one of those bad people you used to complain about? huh? what? I thought so. There's only one high and mighty,and that's not you. Ask yourself one question,because only you know the real you,Do you really believe you deserve someone good,or at least decent, acting the way you do? Are you selfish?
Here's something I learned a longgggggg time ago,looks fade away,the sex is good now but not forever,we get older,then we die. So if you're lucky enough to find someone that's genuine,makes you feel good and wants to be with you,why the fuck would you want to mess that up? To be a statistic? I cant stand when people do certain shit because they think they're supposed to,because its the norm,"well they did it,so I have to do it or the world is gonna hate me" fuck that. Do what you feel is right for you. Another valuable piece of information ive learned,stop doing for other people. Why do you need so much attention? Its not gonna help anyone,especially you. So just leave it alone,just live life. My motto for the new decade is "less talk,more do",that my friends,can be beneficial to everyone in your life. Peace,Love,Life,Music,Godbless.

Check this joint out,we all need one:

"Best Friend" - Pharell & The Yessirs

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Welcome 2010

Its a brand new year. Putting all that irrelevant,negative bull behind. Everything brand new,from the house to the peers,the direction, and the focus. No more worrying about girls that in reality, couldn't careless about me. New decade right? Time to start over. I must say,It feels good to start fresh,its liberating actually. One thing that was good about 2009 was that I learned alot about myself. All valuable knowledge that will contribute to my growth as Man,and as a Human Being. I am Thankful to God for my family and I still being here for another year. I may write a bit more in here later on but for now,lets all vibe out to this joint right here:

"As Real As It Gets" - Jay-Z Feat. Young Jeezy

Btw......Happy New Year,and Lets Get This Money!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Say My Piece (Revisited)

I know what you maybe thinking,that maybe im depressed or something. Honestly I dont think I am,and if I am,I dont know if i am. I dont want to be,and I try and do alot of activities to keep my mind busy,keep me busy period so that I dont have to think about the,I dont want to say bad,but,disappointing times of my life. I dont consider those times bad,because something good came out of each and every situation. I learned something. Simple as that.

The last unfortunate situation was just that,unfortunate. The whole time i was talking to this girl,getting close,building a relationship,having deep conversations,hoping that this girl might be a potential significant other, she went and got a boyfriend,introduced him to the family,went on dates,and got serious,all while I made a COMPLETE FOOL of myself. And while she told all of this to me on the phone after calling me a week later from the last conversation we had when she said she was "Looking" for someone,I couldnt do anything but laugh. She's yelling at me on the phone for making her feel bad by not calling her the whole week after the "Devastating News" she told me a week earlier,im being sarcastic of coarse,ha. She wanted me to "express my feelings", I told her what my cousin Naps would say "I dont know what to tell ya..",then we had a long talk,she asked me to forgive her,and I did,we laughed together,and I told her I wished her the best and that I hoped she was happy. BUT.....

She hit me with the "Can I still call you and talk about my problems and stuff" line, and I look at the phone like it farted. Im like "why? you got a boyfriend now,he's your best friend now,you gotta talk to him" and she tells me "but I cant tell him everything" and im Like "What the f*ck I look like Dr. phil?". Soooooooo,I cut her off,from me,period. Im at the end of the rope with certain things. Since I have completely distanced myself from almost everybody,im just going to concentrate on My Music,My Business,My Family,Thats It.

Check This Video Out,You can mute the live stream above to hear this video:

Friday, December 4, 2009

Happy Birthday To THE BEST Rapper Alive


Brooklyns Own,Marcy Raised.
My Favorite Rapper.
Happy Birthday.

And In honor of your Birthday,as a fellow Sagittarius,heres a joint from your first and Classic Album Reasonable Doubt,Regrets,Possibly my favorite Jay-Z Joints,it may change tomorrow though Lol,anyway,here you go:

Life Goes On, Right?


Here We Go Again!

Maybe I have the worst luck when it comes to the month of December. But I was told "you make your own luck in this world", so I reallllllllly must not like me, Lol. All jokes aside,why is December always a bad month for me? I was born on this month, im a Sagittarius, im a December-baby,December 15th was the day i was brought into this world,on a tuesday afternoon,where I almost died and it almost killed my mother because I was too big. But im here,my mom is here,and I dont chalk that one up to luck, I owe it all to GOD. The thing is though,I feel like December is my worst month. Its been looking that way the past couple years,last year was the worst of all,dealing with that break up and trying to figure out what went wrong,and ive since gotten over that whole thing. It was her loss. Then it hit 2009,the whole year was going steady,finally getting back on my feet,i was working,making music,going to meetings, doing business and for the most part had a few people I could go to when things got hectic. Of coarse my Lovely Cousin JoSmiles (Hey Cuz! Love ya!) and a girl I was feeling in High School who came back into my life and we ended up becoming close. Now I mentioned her in the last post so you can read what I said about her there,over all she's cool and i liked her,alot. Anyway, ive been trying to court her for the last year and at the same time being the best friend I can be to her,we talk alot and whatnot, tried to help her through a difficult time. Plus she and I were always busy,so I didnt get to talk to her as much as I would like to the last couple months,but I always let her know that I was feeling her, I wanted to take her out n dates and whatnot, and that I wanted her to be my girl. We was comfortable around each other,and i liked that. But she always played it off,plus she was busy alot,school work,sleep. I understood that she wouldnt have time for a relationship so eased back a lil bit.

Now here comes the good part!

I call her up,this is December 3rd, She answers the phone all energetic like she usually is when she see's me calling. She tells me a lil story about what something that happened on the way home, we laugh and it was the end of that. So then I ask her do she know whats coming up, she was like "yeah your birthday". I was playing around with her like "what day is it?" and stuff like that to mess with her head a lil bit,but she knew what day it is so we laughed about it. I asked her what is she going to get me and she was like what do you want,and I said i want her presence, just want her to hang out with me on my birthday basically. And before I could finish what I was going to say,she hit me with something that caught me off guard.
She says "Ive been looking for guys". But she said it so fast and while i was talking i didnt quite understand at first. I said "What?" then she says "you heard me...........Ive been looking for somebody". I was like "okay". Then she said "Im looking for a guy to be with,and I know what im saying is going to hurt your feelings and what im saying hurts me you understand what i mean?". With the calmest voice i said "Yeah, You are looking for a guy,to be with,and that guy is not me,and you dont want to hurt my feelings". And so she starts talking and talking and the whole time im like a chicken who just got its head cut off but its body is still move,I didnt realize that this was not good. She kept trying to justify it, she said she was going to cry and that im probably going to look at her different from now on and she didnt mean to hurt my feelings and im sitting there like damn,im shocked,because i didnt see this coming,atleast not that night lol. Then I say "Its all good,you go do what you have to do,if thats what going to make you happy and if it helps you sleep at night,its all good". Then she says " See now I know you mad,because you talking like that". She continues on talking,then I said "I guess you need space now ",then she says "Dont talk like that,dont talk like that" and im like "hey you about to do what you wanna go do so im not gonna stand in your way,i wish you all the best,its all good",then she keeps on talk and then after that I said "Im gonna call you back",I hung up the phone,and never called back.

After I hung up the phone, I was literally laughing and SMH, then I got up and walked around,thats when it sunk in,like damn,it does hurt,I am hurt,I just got rejected again! I felt like a cloud of darkness just covering me and I felt so low,It had so much power over me I had to sit down,I felt like throwing up. This is all real talk so I dont care what negative shit that anybody has to say. I admit it got the best of me. I started to think back to last year like it happened all over again,but i immediately shut that thought down because if i thought about it,Id feel even worse. I prayed about it, asked God to give me strength,I washed my face and then shook it off. Then I laughed about it with my cousin NapsTheProducer,went to sleep,woke up,prayed again and was back to normal. I dont have any negative feelings toward her or nothing like that,BUT,I will no longer be in contact with her. She needs to find a guy that is not only going to be having sex with her but also and more importantly,going to be her BEST friend,and I will not stand in the way of that. So I will fall back and continue to deal with my own life.
you would think that this and everything ive been through would make my opinion about women in a negative light by a guy like me but it hasnt,you know why? Because that is just her feelings,and im not going to generalize every girl based off her and any girl who turned they back on me. I know who I am and I know what im capable of. I think im a decent guy,theres someone out there for me,the question is, where?........Who knows?,Im not in a rush anyway so im going to continue to stay positive and follow my dreams,continue to help take care of my family and im going to continue to take my journey in this hectic life of mine. God Bless You All.

The Song of Today is: "Bring Me Down" By Kanye West Feat. Brandy